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Purpose and Mission

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church facilities will be made available for parish, parishioner, and non-parishioner activities that are consistent with the mission of the Parish as stated in our Mission Statement:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish exists to nurture a faith-filled Catholic community which inspires and empowers all people to follow Jesus Christ. We will continue to “Keep our eyes fixed on Jesus”(Heb.12:2) by living the Gospel, celebrating meaningful worship, and calling one another to prayer, Christian service, and fellowship.

Qualification for Use of the Facilities

  1. Priority of the use of the facilities of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church will be given in the following order:
    1. Parish-sponsored ministries, commissions, committees, groups, and programs.
    2. Appropriate religious or family functions for parishioners.
    3. Other charitable organizations as sponsored by parishioners.
    4. Non-parish groups or organizations whose beliefs are in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church, as approved by the Pastor.
    5. Appropriate family functions for non-parishioners
  2. The facilities and equipment of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church will be made available only to non-parishioner groups that meet the following qualifications:
    1. Groups whose general objectives are in harmony with the mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church.
    2. Groups that are willing and able to take responsibility for their activities and for the facilities and equipment which they wish to use and are willing to abide by the rules of conduct as set forth in these policies.
    3. Groups that are known to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. Any group not known shall be asked to present a written statement of purpose, the reason for meeting, and the names of its officers or leaders.
    4. Groups that meet the insurance, liability, and waiver requirements.
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church reserves the right to cancel or refuse any use agreement at any time if the sponsoring individual or group is not in compliance with the Parish Mission and the Facilities Use Policies and Procedures. 


1. Facilities Access - Keys must be picked up at the Parish Office during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm) unless arrangements have been made for a representative of the parish to meet the sponsoring individual to unlock the building. Keys must be returned to the Parish Office no later than the next business day following the day of the event. 

2. Facility Hours - Facilities are available between 8:00 am and 10:00pm. Any use outside these hours must be approved by the Pastor. No events of any kind can be scheduled during weekend Masses or during Masses on Holy Days of Obligation without explicit prior approval from the pastor, in writing. 

3. Scheduling of Meetings or Events - Meeting or event scheduling will be handled through the Parish Office by the Parish Secretary, Maureen Campbell. Please call 812-944-1184. All events must be placed on the calendar by the Parish Secretary. 

4. Insurance - There are risks connected to activities. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church is required by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to have proof of liability coverage for all non-parish sponsored events held on our premises. At least two months prior to an event, the responsible party must contact the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Office to arrange Special Event Insurance Coverage through Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. The cost for this coverage is $125. Your check must be received before proper paperwork for the insurance is submitted to the Archdiocese through the Parish Office. 

Facility Descriptions and Fees

There is no facility use fee charged to parish sponsored groups. However, there will be a rental charge to both parishioners and non-parishioners for use of the facility for non-parish sponsored activities. Payment is due to the Parish Office at least two weeks in advance of the event. 

For all non-parish sponsored events (in addition to any fees below):

$125 Insurance Fee

$75 Refundable Security Deposit

The Security Deposit will be refunded in its entirety, unless there is damage to the facility, the rental area is not left clean, or the facility key is not returned on time. 

Wagner Hall

Description: Large hall in basement of church with warming kitchen. Use of six-foot rectangular tables and chairs located in Wagner Hall are available. 

Capacity: 300

Parishioner-sponsored event, no alcohol: $100

Parishioner-sponsored event, with alcohol: $150

Non-parishioner event, no alcohol: $250

Non-parishioner event, with alcohol: $400

Ed Day Hall

Description: Meeting room in lower level of Parish Office. Use of round tables and chairs located in Ed Day Hall are available.

Capacity: 50

Parishioner-sponsored event: FREE

Non-parishioner sponsored event: $50


Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The serving of alcohol is limited to Wagner Hall. Serving to minors is prohibited at all times. Open, unsupervised serving of alcohol is prohibited; alcoholic beverages may only be served by licensed bartenders. A Special Event Alcohol Permit or a Catering License must be acquired for the event, and a copy of this permit must be on file in the Parish Office one week prior to the event and must be displayed at all times during the event itself. 

Non-Smoking Policy

All indoor facilities are designated non-smoking. 


Non-parishioner groups using the facility must set up for their event unless prior arrangements have been made. Furnishings and equipment may not be taken from one facility to another without prior permission. 


All groups using the facility are responsible for cleaning up the space. All furnishings and equipment shall be returned to their original positions. Trash or garbage must be taken to be disposed of in the dumpsters located behind school.