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The Our Lady House System is designed to foster teamwork and collaboration among our middle school students.

All students in grades 5 through 8 are intermingled and then split into 8 Houses. Each House is mentored by a middle school teacher and selects a student captain and co-captain to lead their House.

Through community, church, and school involvement the students can earn House points. They House system allows the members to get to know others outside their own grade or class and encourages service work and parish involvement.

House mentors:
St. Thomas Aquinas House - Mrs. Sarah Carver
St. Bernadette House - Mrs. Sonja Russell
St. Francis House - Mrs. Sarah Blessing
St. Joan of Arc House - Mrs. Christy Russell-Read
St. John Bosco House - Mrs. Anne Woods
St. Joseph House - Mrs. Kristina Bauerla
St. Nicholas House - Mrs. Andrea Bergeron
St. Peregrin House - Ms. Hanna Gish

Captains and Co-Captains:
St. Thomas Aquinas House -
St. Bernadette House - 
St. Francis House - 
St. Joan of Arc House - 
St. John Bosco House - 
St. Joseph House -
St. Nicholas House - 
St. Peregrine House -