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Welcome! This is Sarah Blessing. I am a fifth grade teacher at Our Lady and have been teaching here for 16 years. I received my bachelor's degree at Indiana University in 2003 in Elementary Education, and in 2008 I received my master's degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in Education.I teach fifth grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. 
I am incredibly blessed to have the best job on the planet. Being able to teach students in a faith filled environment and with a school that offers so many advantages, is a teacher's dream. Each school day I enjoy helping to shape these students into kids that can think for themselves, put God into their daily lives, develop a genuine love for reading, and to show them that learning is a fun, hands on experience. 
My beliefs in education strongly affect my teaching. I genuinely love each of my students. I want them to find out who they are as individuals and to gain self-awareness and self-esteem in their many abilities. Also, students recognize their weaknesses and are given many tools to improve these in a loving and positive environment.  

My main focus in this profession is to teach each child empathy.  Identifying why others feel the way they do is a skill I believe will help them throughout the rest of their lives.  Having each student develop a love for reading and writing is also a main goal of mine. These are major passions in my personal life, and it is a great joy to unlock students’ passions in these areas also. 

Fifth grade at Our Lady is an extremely exciting place to be. We do many creative assignments throughout the year.  Here is just a sampling of a few.

Native American Google Slides Presentations: Students make a beautiful and informative Slides presentation on a specific tribe.  Then they also bring in a project such as food or dress up in specific tribal clothing.
Non-Fiction Unit: With each different Who Was…. book students read they do different projects. Some of these assignments are making an art project about their historical person, writing a poem, performing a skit, or writing a diary pretending to be that person.
During daily US Social Studies lessons I have created a slideshow with maps, information, pictures, and short video clips on each lesson in the book.  Using my Interwrite Board (similar to a Smart Board) to show these, helps to make Social Studies a much more exciting and hands on learning process.  I am also able to include more in-depth information about this already interesting subject.

Hello! My name is Anne Woods. I have been teaching in the Catholic school system for over 30 years, the majority of those at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I received my undergraduate degree at Hanover College and my graduate degree at Indiana University Southeast. My family includes my husband, Jack and two sons Bradley and Aaron and his wife Tasha. Not to mention 3 sisters and a brother and 8 nieces and nephews all living in this area.  I am a member of St. Anthony Church in Clarksville.

I love learning and teaching. My favorite subjects are Math and Science and am lucky enough to be able to teach both of these. I teach 5th and 6th grade Math and 5th grade Science. My goal is to challenge my students without having them reach their frustration level.

Every year I look forward to a new school year.  The faculty and staff make it easy to grow emotionally, academically and spiritually.