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Hello. My name is Terri Day.  I have been married to my husband Bruce for 21 years.  We have two beautiful children named Hannah and Joseph. Hannah is in her third year at IUS and Joe is a Senior at St. Xavier High School.  I have been a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish all of my life. 

I have been a teacher here at Our Lady for 32 years.  I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Indiana University.  I am also under the Continuing Education Program at Indiana University and continue to take classes at IUS.  I always get great ideas from these classes that I can use in my own first grade classroom. 

In first grade our classes consist of Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Daily Oral Language, Writing, Phonics and most especially Religion.  In each of these subjects the children are always challenged to the best of their abilities.  Our class time and our day are always centered on Jesus and how we should try to be more like him. 

We also have lots of fun and exciting activities that we do in first grade.

We learn about the saints in our Religion classes and then on All Saints Day the children get to dress up like their favorite saints.  We have a special Mass for All Saints Day that our children are a part of.  After Mass, we come back to school and visit the classrooms.  The kids tell the students in each class three to four important things about their saint and have a Saints Wax Museum.  Our students also play a major part in the Children's Christmas Eve Mass.  We do a reenactment of the Nativity.

Our first graders are also matched up with the fourth grade prayer partners that help the children with the songs and prayers during Mass.  We do fun activities with the fourth graders every few months.  This is a great experience for both grade levels.  We are pen pals with parishioners, too.

This is another great experience for the children because it improves their writing skills, and they get to know a member of our church community. 

Some of the other fun activities we do in first grade are celebrating our "100" day of school  our Writer's Celebrations, Dr. Seuss Day, and our Derby Stick Horse Race.  Also, we take field trips to Hubers, Providence High School plays, Schimpff's, and The Fire Museum. We learn many things in all of our subjects in first grade but most of all we have lots of fun while we are learning.

My name is Abby Haynes. I have been married to my husband Drew for 6 years now. We live in New Albany. He is an accountant at The Haynes Company. We have two daughters named Lucy and Finley. Lucy is 3 years old and attends preschool here at Our Lady. Finley is turning two in September of this year. We have been members of Our Lady Parish for four years now.

I was born and raised in Floyd Knobs, Indiana. I went to Holy Family Catholic School, and I am a graduate of Our Lady of Providence High School. In the spring of 2012, I graduated from Indiana University Southeast with a bachelor's degree in Education.

I have a passion for teaching and strive to help my students succeed and grow every single day. Since the third grade, I have known that I wanted to become a teacher at a Catholic School. This is my eighth year at Our Lady. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be part of this school family.