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My name is Bri Gilbert, your School Counselor and Special Education Coordinator here at Our Lady, and I am very excited to be starting my 14th year in education!

To be at Our Lady is extra special for a couple of reasons. First, this is where I went to elementary school, so to have it come full circle is quite awesome! Then secondly, my two girls attend Our Lady, Bailey is a 6th grader and Reese is a 3rd grader. I went to Our Lady and Providence High School, class of 2000. I received my Bachelor's degree from IU Bloomington in Psychology with a minor in Political Science in 2004, and a Masters degree in Social Work from U of L in 2006.

I have been married to my husband, Aaron, for almost 13 years. He works in IT and loves his job. Unfortunately he also loves Star Wars and U of L.....but I did take the vow "for better or for worse" LOL. We are a house divided, but he is out-numbered as my girls and I are HUGE U of K fans!!! So I definitely will be supporting my blue throughout the school year!

We also have a son, Smith, who is 2 and 1/2 years old. Smith is the sweetest little guy and LOVES to be a ham and show off his personality! I thank God daily for my wonderful family!!

In addition to my family, I love, sports, arts and crafts, going to the movies, shopping, spending time with friends, and going on vacation with my family; especially Disney World!!

I look forward to another awesome school year, and my door is always open!