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Welcome to art!! My name is Tiffany Smith and I am the K- 8th grade art teacher at OLPH.  This is my eighth year teaching art. After graduating from IUS with a B.A in Fine arts /concentration in drawing I went back to school and received my teaching license. I taught art for two years at St. Michael’s in Charlestown and then transferred to Holy Family. This year I am currently at Holy family and OLPH.
 In my free time, I like to walk my dog, Riley, spend time with family and friends, go shopping, watch movies, swimming, and hanging out with my two boys.  My husband and I have two sons. My oldest son is named Braylon. He is six years old and has a great love for Trains.  My youngest son, Coleton, is always on the move. He will be two at the end of August but has already reached the terrible two's!
 In art, I try to do fun and engaging activities that incorporate different mediums and techniques. Throughout the year students will learn the seven elements of art. The elements are line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value.
 Some of our fun projects include creating a creative color wheel, painting colorful toucans, and learning about Pop artist, Andy Warhol.   Students favorites are working with clay and weaving. When students leave art I want them to be excited and ready to come back for more.